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See you tomorrow @ The Conservatory at Bethel Woods

Hey Songwriters and Friends:

We are starting our monthly meetings at the Conservatory at Bethel Woods tomorrow, Saturday April 25, from 2-4 pm.  I hope we can focus on the SC Songs Project…however, it will be great to see everyone and hear what you’ve been doing.

BTW – I’m leading a songwriter panel in NYC on May 20.  More info later.

See ya tomorrow:)IMG_6840


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  1. Are you still having the monthly meetings on Saturdays? Thank you, Jim Kopp

    • Hi Jim – Thanks for writing. No, I suspended the Saturday meetings over a year ago. Sorry, but the attendance was waning. However, some folks are still in touch on FB. Cheers, Elizabeth

      • I sure understand the waning part. I’m up in Delaware County (Stamford) and I can’t find a soul who is interested in doing this. I joined Nashville Songwriters Assoc because it said they have meetings in Albany. It’s true,,,,,but maybe one or two people show up and most of the time nobody shows. We had a great open mic here for about 5 years. But then the Performing Arts Group bailed out and we lost the place where we had the shows. Thanks for getting back to me. Jim

  2. Hi guys-

    Sorry to hear your meetings waned. Sounds like they were for performer/songwriters. I saw a ‘songwriters day’ sign off route 17 but that looks like it’s for performers as well. I write and record but do not sing live.

    Ron Penska (thanks) on his “Hillbilly Heaven” radio show on WJFF played one of my songs.

    Any ideas as to where else you can get local, original, recorded music played?


    • Wayne, thanks for your comment. Glad you got some airplay. In answer to your question, I’d suggest finding more local stations and online indie podcasts, etc, that play your kind of music and pitching to them. There are many articles online about marketing your songs. There are also many songwriter orgs, some on Facebook, that you can join. Get involved with the songwriting community – it’s international. Post your songs online (many many sites for this) and direct folks to it, posting songs on social media. Use hashtags. Comment on other songwriters’ material. Make friends with other songwriters.
      In my experience, most opportunity comes through relationship-building. Keep reaching! Good luck.


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