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Debbie Fisher Palmarini’s “Rose Mountain” and Songs Fill The BW Conservatory

Songwriter peeps…

We have had another splendid two Saturdays at the magnificent Bethel Woods Conservatory.


That’s Kathleen Christie, Bethel Woods’ new Executive Director of Arts and Humanities, with her back to the camera.  Ms. Christie, an bubbly, upbeat soul, planned to join us for “fifteen minutes.” She’s a busy lady.  For some reason, she found herself unable to leave until after she’d sampled one full round of songs…maybe one hour later.  But who’s counting?

From left around the circle:  Jon Naberezny, Stuart Kabak, Vic Kunitsky, Ramona Jam, Andre Turan, Brewster Smith, Craig Martin, Mike Jung. Les Morels, our French friends and Mia’s pal, Rahmira, are listening in the background.  More on the songs below.

Debbie Fisher Palmarini CD Release: “Rose Mountain”

Debbie Fisher Palmarini has released “Rose Mountain,” her cd of original songs backed by a large band.Screen Shot 2014-11-08 at 9.32.35 AM

Karen Hudson was raving about it so I had to get me one. It’s super cool.  A throwback to the “live” studio sound of the 70’s, centering on Debbie’s powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.  She’s got a BIG band, too.  For details, great pics and the music, please check out Debbie’s website:  She’s a beauty.

The Songs:

October 25, 2014:

Ramona got a new baby Martin.  Mike did his original arrangement of Gentle On My Mind; Ramona and Andre performed their co-write, Heartbreak Purgatory; Debbie played Rejoice; Stu contributed Captain Jack and the Cat Who Would Be Human; I played Close Up on piano; Mike played his original tune, Blossoms Fade; Ramona and Andre played Ramona’s tune Flying Horses Roundabout; Debbie sang (So Much) Noise; Stu proffered Blame The Gun; I played Friends In High Places, Mike: Transit, Ramona and Andre performed their re-write of Enjoy The Ride, Debbie gave a spirited performance of Weep For Your Children; Stu amazed us with Always Have Always Will; I belted I’m Too Beau’ful (For You); and Mike gave us the song which he introduced as follows:  “This is the last time I’ll be playing this song and have it be true”… When I’m 64.  Happy birthday, Mike.

November 1, 2014:

Victor: Broken Heart Stand; Andre/Ramona: Whipping The Beast which they just wrote in the last week, Stu: Mom’s Guitar (now a fav and big hit with the crowd – a songwriters’ songwriter); Brewster:  You’re All Right; me: Do You Want Me?; Mike: original arrangement of Goin’ Down The Road Feelin’ Bad; Vic: It’s All About Love aka Country’s Lost Its Way; Jon: Heart Play (glad you made it!); Andre soloed on The Happy One; Craig: Winter’s Tale (to raves from Andre, hearing it for the first time); Stu: Rainbow Man (hit!); Brewster: Always (a masterpiece, IMHO); me: Sleep Naked (piano); Jon: Marlene (showing off our first entry into the Sullivan County Songs Project for Kathleen) Vic: Two Little Boys (gorgeous tune played on his Nashville-tuned Ovation); Andre: Stop Dreaming; Brewster: How to Be Unhappy; Craig: Sweet Song; Mike: Two Wolves, a John Flynn song based on a Native American folktale; Jon: That Little Thing (brand new jazzy tune); Brewster: Losing Your Love (and thumb on a combine) and I had to play Burning The Candle At Both Ends on Vic’s Nashville tuned guitar.

Thanks for the songs.  Thanks for the support, Kathleen and Bethel Woods.  See ya later today at the Conservatory.  We’re only there through Thanksgiving.  Our new location TBA.

Look for more news on cd releases from Stuart Kabak, Brewster Smith and…?










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