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Songwriters Fall Season is Thriving at The Conservatory at Bethel Woods

Songwriters Fall Season is Thriving at The Conservatory at Bethel Woods

Hi Songwriters and FOS (friends of songwriters).

We began our Fall gatherings on October 4 and have had three inspirational weeks of sharing songs. First, thanks to Bethel Woods for inviting us to get together in the Conservatory. This is a beautiful and highly creative space where the songs resonate in the serenity of this gracious location.  We will be meeting here every Saturday from 3:15-6 pm through Thanksgiving.  I’ll keep you informed of our location as it changes.

We won a Puffin Grant to produce a project called “Sullivan County Songs.”  Members of our Sullivan County Songwriters Circle, or SC Squared (SCSC) as I prefer, are contributing original tunes they are working that reflect our lives in this beautiful place.  More on this project as it develops.  Meanwhile, check out what’s been happening as we have kicked off the fall season. Herewith some news from our first three gatherings.

October 4, 2014

Wow!  We had a massive gathering:


It was great to see everyone.  Who joined us?

Long time members including Barbara Gogan:



Victor Kunitsky


Mike Jung


Brewster Smith


Karen Hudson











Craig Martin.



That’s Stuart Kabak squeezed in between Vic and Barbara (for a better pic of Stu see Oct 19 below)












Moi (surrounded by Craig, Vic, Stu and Mike’s hair)



And newcomers, songwriting team, husband and wife, Andre Turan and Ramona Jam:

IMG_0067 2










We are so happy that our host, Bethel Woods’ own Mark Robinson joined us for the afternoon.  He is a major talent himself, singing for us a capella.  That’s Mark with his back to the camera:


Yes, I am keeping a list of the songs everyone played.

Stu: Rainbow Man; Brewster: The Moment; Barbara: Heavenly Horses; Andre: Play the Game, Vic: Because I Need You, Mike: Phil Ochs’ Outside A Small Circle of Friends; Elizabeth: Enlightenment; Karen: Nobody’s Perfect; Mark: Eight is Enough (tv theme); Craig: Fire up the Radio; Andre: When…

Then Jon Naberezny arrived, on his way to a weekend of fly fishing.  He played his remarkably witty tune, Marlene, about a beloved trout.  The songs continued.  Stu: Clean Up Aisle Three; Karen: The Wine (Isn’t Working); Elizabeth: Oil; Jon: When Love Calls, Elizabeth: One Last Look (on piano).

It was a great, informal, diverse, fun, heartfelt informal concert.  Old friends.  New friends.  Original, creative, inspiring, energizing.  What a way to start the year!

October 11, 2014

The lovely and talented Debbie Fisher joined us for a more intimate gathering.IMG_0219

Happily, Lucas Rotman, one of our fav regulars, was also in the house.  IMG_0226He sounded great.  I didn’t make one banjo joke.


The songs:

Debbie: Time and Love, Ramona: The Valley of Callicoon (her brand new “Sullivan County” song); Lucas: City of Sun; Vic: Witness; Andre: Enjoy the Ride; Elizabeth: Leave Me Alone; Debbie: Only a Bill Called Love; Lucas: Lone Violin; Vic: Goodby To I Do; Andre: The Corner of Hopes & Dreams; Elizabeth: Belle Starr and Burning The Candle At Both Ends; Lucas: New York City Girl; Debbie: Nature’s Way.

IMG_0220 Ramona’s sings herValley of Callicooon playing Debbie’s Baby Martin.


October 19, 2014

This was a truly magical afternoon.  We laughed. We sang. We accompanied each other.


We welcomed soulful  Barry Seinfeld for the first time.  As we are curating a program of Sullivan County Songs, Barry already had one and he shared it with us: Sullivan County Morning.


Stu was back and was “forced” to honor a roomful of requests to reprise Rainbow Man. My French friends joined us.  IMG_0263  They told us later that they had wanted to hear this song (which they remembered and loved from last spring)…and were so happy he performed it.  That’s what I call a hit.

Our super fly fisherman, Jon Naberezny returned and made me giggle.  His song, Why Do You Do What You Do?  sounds like an American Songbook standard, IMHO.








Debbie just sang and played her angelic head off.  She brought some percussion, too.  Yes, that is a wisk that she’s fashioned into a kind of percussive brush for her washboard.IMG_0273

Here are the songs:

Barry: Sullivan County Morning, Vic: The Sum of All My Fears; Debbie: Far Too Little Sun; Jon: Marlene; Elizabeth: Fools Get Lucky (piano); Barry: Come Back; Vic: Everywhere; Debbie: No Price Tag; Jon: Why Do You Do What You Do?; Stuart: Captain Jack and The Cat Who Would Be Human (brand new song!); Elizabeth: Oil; Barry: Barn With The Blues; Vic: Save Me (another hit!); Debbie: He; Stu: Rainbow Man; Jon: Real Love.

You are invited to join us.  It’s just too cool, the vibes are great and the songs – extraordinary.IMG_0289


BTW – Beautiful wooden carvings by Paul Stark.IMG_0082


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  1. What a nice posting. I thought I would be able to come up more this winter but my Dad has taken ill. I love that new space .It seems like the right place, an “Artist Space”, conducive to creativity and not tied to a commercial operation. I’m kinda bummed .I was looking forward to participating – steve

    • Hi Steven. Thanks so much for your comment. I am sorry that your Dad is ill and hope he recovers quickly. I also hope you get to come up and join us when you can. We have this space through Thanksgiving. We shall see what happens next. It’s a wonderful space, for sure. Take care.


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