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SC^2 Success @ WJFF Radio Catskill Spring Gathering! $47K Raised:)

Saturday, we hit the air waves at WJFF Radio Catskill, kicking off their spring gathering. You can listen to the entire show on the WJFF archives:  “spring gathering” – The Sullivan County Songwriters Circle.

We managed to squeeze 10 songwriters into 90 minutes.  Everybody was …yo…dope.   Herewith….some pics.epigrammatic of songwriters

Part of the WJFF Spring Pledge Drive, we helped.  So did many others: volunteers, staff, musicians, poets, neighbors.  $47,000 raised!


Debbie + er

Debbie Fisher Palmarini echoes our sentiments from this winter with her new song, “Far Too Little Sun.” Lucas obviously agrees.

aldo on board

Aldo Troiani runs the board for us. Co-host of WJFF’s “Jambalaya”, Aldo is one of the leaders of the popular local band “Little Sparrow.” The other leader is Carol Smith, a terrific songwriter, who married Aldo last week. Ahhhhhhhh.

Mike + ER

Mike Jung singing “Blossoms Fade” a beautiful original song. He’s a writer, yes indeedy.

Deb and Don

Thanks to the lovely Debbie Fisher Palmarini for many of these great pictures. She needs to feed that guitar. It looks undernourished.

Brew + er

Brewster Smith sings “You’re Allright” as I wail some harmony and pick some licks.

epigrammatic of songwriters

(l to r): Craig, Barbara, Elizabeth, Vic, Debbie, Lucas, Karen, Mike

craig + er

Craig Martin listens to his bio and performs his beautiful “Winter Lullaby” written for the families of Sandy Hook. First time ever on the radio. Good job.

vic waiting wings

Vic Kunitsky, contemplating a melody on the moulding.


Karen Hudson kicks out her hit, “Momma Was A Train Wreck (Daddy Was A Train).” Coffee followed. It was early for this terrific, touring troubador, just back from SXSW.

Mike and Vic nice pic

Mike Jung and Vic Kunitsky…good buddies…cool songwriters.


My schedule. I’m the host. I can DO this.

Craig soundman

Mr. Castro – our extremely competent sound engineer. Well done, sir.

WJFF Chickens

WJFF’s next door neighbors. A couple of the songwriters tried to pick up these chicks…true story.


Lucas Rotman – opens the show with an energetic, strong performance. Powerful writer, occasionally seen with a banjo.

Karen, Brew, Vic in wings

Karen Hudson, Brewster Smith and Vic Kunitsky in the wings, waiting for their own short slot. Each of these performing songwriters deserves an hour – at least – on air.

Classic Barbara

Barbara Gogan. A true classic.

Brewster and Donnie

Brewster mugs behind Don Castellow’s back.


Stu Kabak…our “Master of Melancholy”

Barb munching

Barbara Gogan relaxes at the after party.

Tasa & Molly

Molly Denver (background) and Tasa (Kishasha) herd cats (i.e. songwriters)


Jesse Ballou, aka Santa Claus, co-host of popular WJFF radio show, “Jambalaya” arrives to take over the board from Aldo Troiani.

cluster flock

Lucas Rotman, Mike Jung and Karen Hudson – songwriters keeping the vibes alive in the WJFF studio.

Barbara + Deb

Debbie Fisher captures Barbara Gogan on her iPad.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth. Sounds like things were very successful. Hope I can be involved in the next thing. You guys are wonderful company. I am honored…..Jon

  2. Can’t find the link for the songwriters “spring gathering” on JFF in the archives. Can you share? Thanks.


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