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First Anniversary SC Squared: We play songs we hate performing, most embarassing song, first song ever written…

First Anniversary SC Squared: We play songs we hate performing, most embarassing song, first song ever written…

We started gathering on January 15, 2013.  Now we have a thriving community of about 30 songwriters.  Our Saturday gatherings are peppered with new pop ins and regulars.   We’ve produced two evening concerts, one with standing room only.  Thank you for making this such a fun and inspiring community.  To The Catskill Distilling Company:  thank you for creating this magnificent, classy, acoustically superb space for us to gather.

Quick catch up:

Yesterday was ridiculously fun.  Debbie Fisher Palmarini came in with a gorgeous new song, she’d just written in the morning: working title, “Far Too Little Sun.”  Wow!  Heartfelt, beautiful, Debbie has written a “simple” melody (they’re often the best ones) which just happens to showcase her vocals exquisitely.  Nicely done!IMG_3991

BTW – that’s Debbie’s guitar, a Baby Martin, with her beautiful design.

Lucas Rotman, Brewster Smith, Debbie and I went around in a circle, each performing a song.  Lucas started with “Whatcha Gonna Do When The Well Runs Dry,” which he wrote as he sang it.  (OK, I’m joking…but he is by far, our most prolific writer.)  After the first round, we decided to perform songs we hate to perform.  Lucas sang “Been So Long, Debbie “What Am I Missing”, I did a highly imperfect version of my embarassing song, “The Flasher” and Brewster sang “Lillian” (after getting permission from a certain quilter who was in the room).  Next round we decided to perform the first song we had ever written.   Lucas did “Prodigal Son” which he wrote when he was 19 (and sounded like it was crafted by a master – very annoying, Lucas), Debbie sang a cute ditty, “Charles Street Park” which she wrote when she was 7.  (!!!).  I can’t remember the first song I wrote (a 12/8 ballad written as a 16 year old) so I did the first song I felt was well crafted, “Box 34.”  Darn.  I just remembered “Swingin’ Type Guy,” a Beatles-flavored tune  I wrote when I was 17 and played with my all girl Beatle/Stones band wanna be, “The Mauds.”  OK. I’m gonna do that one next week.   Brewster performed “Mother Earth” a song about changing the world (aka Big Blue Marble) which he wrote when he was 12.  Precocious young dude.


“Let’s do songs we’re uncomfortable performing,” somebody suggested and off we went.  Lucas; “Firefly,” Debbie “Me Too”.   Feeling pretty comfy, I decided to sing “Fish Outta Water,” a song that makes my husband, Donnie, uncomfortable.  Since he was ensconced on a bar stool, far across the room, jawing with Micky Roche, I sang the song.   At the end of the song, Molly piped up, “I’d love to hear everyone sing the chorus together.”  The chorus is a sappy, sentimental repetition of Donnie’s name.  We did it while Donnie tried to make himself invisible.  Later he mentioned he didn’t realize Molly had a dark side.   Brewster finished up the round with his song, “I Know” – the first song he’d written after a breakup.  We then played some songs that were simple enough that we could play and sing together.

We laughed alot.  I think Lucas shot video of much of the afternoon.  We know how to have fun!

Going backwards….

Last week, Stuart Kabak graced us with his amazing tunes.  We are hoping Stuart will become a regular.  His acoustic stories are delivered in a deep, soulful, melodic baritone backed by his straightforward finger picking.IMG_3930 Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 11.54.57 AM   Check him out: My personal fav: “Mom’s Guitar.”

Several weeks ago, Brewster showed up with his band, the Johns.   Needless to say, they were terrific.  IMG_3800

Craig Martin and Debbie C were there, too.  Craig played his great songs and we all jammed along.

See you next week.  We plan to stretch out this first anniversary thang for one more Saturday gathering:)


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  1. So sorry I missed this! Sounds like a hoot. Love the approach, the spirit, the crazy zest. Good launch to the new year!

    • Makes me want to create new categories….lessee…how ’bout:” songs I hide even from my cat”? That’s a real cat-egory. Wish you had been there. It was a riot and I really hope you will be with us more this year. We need your terrific energy. Thanks for posting, Sandy.


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