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Karen Hudson Joins The Circle

Karen Hudson Joins The Circle

We had a rollicking good time yesterday.  Lucas (Rotman) wins the “Most Prolific Songwriter” award for the week.  He keeps coming in with new tunes.  Yesterday’s highlight:  “The Old Fart Song.”  Seems he doesn’t want to turn into one.  Could this song have been written close to a Big Birthday?  Perhaps.  But what sent me into gales of laughter was his juxtaposition of elegant lyrics against the flatulent subject of the tune.  Lucas also performed his wonderful  new song, “Merciful Girl,” the iconic “Portraits,” and his new dirty blues, “I’m Goin’ Down” (or as I like to call it, the “flushing” song…maybe ’cause I’m from Queens) and “This Old House.”   Lucas fans…and who is not a Lucas fan…his music is downloadable on iTunes and Reverb Nation:  His band, The Melodic Miners, has a wonderful cd out.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.28.51 PM

And now for Karen Hudson.  I have been hoping she would join us for a while and, happily, she did.  I requested her hit tune, “Momma Was A Train Wreck (Daddy Was A Train).”   She charged through it while Lucas and I joined in on guitar and harmonica.  It’s a catchy piece of familial dysfunction;  sing along with addiction, I say.

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.26.52 PM

Karen’s third cd, is “Sonic Bloom.”  She held a cd release party at The Old North Branch Inn last summer.  It was packed.  She brought her hot band of NY session guys and rocked the joint.  Yesterday, Karen also performed her tunes, “Call Me,”, “Late Bloomer,” and “Baby’s Tune.”   We supported her with percussion, guitar and harp.  Karen has been compared in the music press, to Lucinda Williams.  Karen goes deep, she has something to say.  We look forward to seeing her play all over our area as she and her songs become more visible.  Her cd’s are available on iTunes, CD Baby and Facebook. Give a listen:


Brewster is back…with his full-size  voice.  He performed “Sweet Dreams,” “Daisies,” and “The Moment.”  IMG_3508  I got a little silly.

Brewster Smith, as many of you know is a crafty and brilliant songwriter.  You can watch his videos and stream or download his music here:‎.

I must say, this was quite a strong variety show.  Each of the songwriters present could hold an audience for a whole evening by themselves.  But there’s something about sharing songs while going around in a circle that is fun, diverse and inspiring.   We had a very appreciative audience.  Sandy Long, journalist and secret songwriter, brought her parents, Ormy and Dorothy Long.  They are great listeners and supporters…and they laugh at the right places.  Sandy requested my song, “Leave Me Alone,” and I that as well as “Oil” and “Baby Please Come On Home.”  Folks, this is so much more fun than walking around my living room staring at my feet.

For a laugh, watch my videos, “Leave Me Alone” and “Back Seat Driver” when you get bored walking staring at your own feet.  Just go to my website, and click on their posters on the lower right side.  (Please ignore the headline which refers to spring being here.  My webmaster is in the lower hemisphere, sans internet in the pampas of Patagonia.   Actually, I’m not sure the pampas are actually in Patagonia, but I like the alliteration…so I’m not going to look it up.)

BTW, though he could not attend yesterday, Craig Martin sent me a copy of his gorgeous lyrics to “Listen, Bells Ring” or as I usually refer to it, “Crystal Bells.”   Hope you can read them.  He will be back Nov 23.

See you all next week.  Sandy, thanks for the pics!Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 1.32.03 PM


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  1. Bummed I couldn’t make it. I don’t know how much I will be coming up this winter. Hope you’re still going this spring. Very nice group, beautiful space. Life is good ( enough)


    • Thanks Steve. Anytime you can come up and join us would be great. We are planning to continue now through spring.


    • So Steve…We’re putting on another concert next Saturday evening, Nov 30 at The Distillery. We have some amazing songwriters: Chris Orbach, (kind of Steely-influenced, like you) Karen Hudson, Anna Helmet….and a few yet unconfirmed. Thanks so much for your comments and enthusiasm. Perhaps in the spring you’ll get up here more. Cheers….Elizabeth

  2. It was great fun playing. Thanks to Sandy Long and family for coming out to join us! Elizabeth, you are an awesome leader! Thanks for organizing and putting up our info!

  3. I am so glad I could do this…you really rock! Thanks for the awesome great ink Elizabeth (and Sandy for the photos). It was a lot a fun, and so nice to meet a bunch of fabulous songwriters and performers and audience members. A show like this is only as good as it’s hostess, and you’ve got the mostest Elizabeth Rose!
    See you soon, Karen


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