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We’re BACK! Old friends: Lucas, Craig, Tom, Brewster and our new songwriter: Nancy Mace

Saturday November 9, 2013, we kicked off our first Saturday afternoon gathering.  With a last minute email sent out on Friday, I didn’t think we’d have much of a crowd.  But, lo and behold, we built it and they came.  Mr. Tom Byrne, was the first to arrive after Donnie and me.  A petite lady with a vivacious personality came in slinging her guitar.  She made it past Tom at the door, no small feat.  Her name:  Nancy Mace.  “I’ve just written one original song,” she said.

“You’re in the right place,’ I said.  Lucas Rotman arrived and we formed a circle.  The Catskill Distilling Company’s PA is in for repair so we truly sang and played acoustic.  One song after another.


“No pictures please,” said Tom.  And he sang a song he wrote for his sister when she married called, “Hey it’s a Good Day for Marriage.”

I sang my swing tune, “Deliver Me,” and Nancy got all excited.

“Ricky Lee Jones!!!” she said.  Momentarily confused, I caught a glance of myself in the mirror and discovered that I continue to be Elizabeth Rose.  I took the compliment graciously, I hope.

Lucas, by far our most prolific songwriter, came in with two great new tunes, “I’m Goin’ Down” and “Merciful Girl.”  Both winners, “Merciful Girl” blew me away with its memora ble chorus.IMG_3420

Nancy Mace bravely picked up her guitar and burst into song on her first original tune, “You.”  Great job, Nancy.  Her voice is superb: strong, powerful and clear.IMG_3421

Tom (no pictures please) ripped through his wonderful tune, “Tina Fey.”  Loved it.  I followed with my Travis..or is it Piedmont style picking song, “Friends In High Places.”


We were then surprised and delighted when songwriter Craig Martin and his pal Dianne walked in.  “We thought you might be starting up by now.”  Craig sang a new rocker, “Debbie’s Got It Going” and then reprised his beautiful, “Crystal Bells.”

I sang “One More Try”, and Brewster Smith appeared.  Brewster appeared, a bit under the weather with a seasonal bug.  Unable to sing, he brought his “Box” which he played percussively, backing Lucas on “Places We Go.”


April worked the bar.  I wonder if she’s a secret writer….?


It’s great to be back.  See you Saturday!


About Elizabeth Rose

"Excels in conversation. A past master at repartee and ad libbing. Vivacious"....7th grade report card - Mr. Giunta, teacher. Author, "Yo Miz!" (1 teacher + 25 schools = 1 wacky year) now available as an ebook on Smashwords (my fav):, and all other ebook retailers including Amazon Kindle, iBooks, Barnes and Noble. Excerpts @ Edu-tainer, songwriter, playwright, film maker: tv, film, stage.

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