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Singing, Dancing, Playing and the Sound of The Still

Singing, Dancing, Playing and the Sound of The Still

We had a rollicking good time last Saturday.  Carol Smith came in with a brand new song, “White Bird,” accompanied by Aldo and me.  I look forward to getting to know this song better.  It’s beautiful, at first listen.  It just makes me so darn happy that Carol’s writing her head off.  Like a feedback loop, Carol’s blossoming as a songwriter is inspiring me. Carol tunihg

I’ve started writing a couple of new songs in the last two weeks.

After “White Bird,” Carol launched into her hooky “Eliza” and we joined in.  She followed with my personal fav, “Sycamore Tree.”

I get the feeling that Aldo is also sitting on some song ideas.
“I’m going to play you a song called “The Cuckoo Is a Pretty Bird” – an old fiddle tune,” said he as I squirmed uncomfortably with my “originals only” policy racing through my brain.  “I re-wrote the words.”  OK.  That’s close enough for me and he launched into the lovely tune.

Carol played “Blue Not Blue ” – a gorgeous tune of hers and then all together, we rocked her song, “In The Moonlight.”

I had opened with “The Shadow of Your Smile” so Donnie and I could practice it.  Paul Francis Webster, the lyricist, won two Academy Awards for best song, btw.  he wrote it with Johnny Mandel, the composer of the theme from M.A.S.H.    We also played my swing tune, “Deliver Me,” with Donnie handing the solo and horn riff on his low whistle.  I finished this set with my folkie “It’s Been A Long Time.”

Craig Martin is in the house!.  Before playing his lovely song, “Crystal Bells,” he told me,

“I’ve got another original,” he told me.  “But I left it in Long Island.”  Ok Buddy.  Bring it on up here.  I’m sure it’s allowed on the LIE.   He and his lovely Elaine, got up and danced while Carol,  Dancing

Chef Jay got “snapped” as he walked in the door.  I tell you, he’s got a nice kitchen going at The Dancing Cat….where we seem to end up after each SC^session.Chef

Musicians love to play with other musicians.  Carol played her tune, “Cold Virginia Rain” and then, we “allowed” Craig to play a “cover” (although I do NOT encourage this practice).  It was “I Shall Be Released.”  Carol jumped in to sing harmonies and Donnie joined them on low whistle.DC, Carol & Craig

Here’s a shot of the interior, reflecting, what many of us hope will be the last snow of the season:looking glass snow

When we weren’t paying attention, Donnie slipped into the distillery and found a sweet spot where the low whistle reverberates beautifully.   Donnie in the Still of the Afternoon  We hope to  have more surprises tomorrow.  See you there:)


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  1. So sorry but I’ll have to miss you again this weekend. Come down to the Cat tonight to check out the Slam Allen Band with Tony on the electric guitar. Would love to see you and Donnie.

    • Hi C… We shall miss you. Really enjoying Tony’s cd. I’m not going to make it down to see Slam tonight. (I played a blues festival with him years ago.). Have fun. Next week Carol and Aldo will host SC^2 cause we will be in DC for the Occupy the DOE rally (and shameless book self-promotion). See you when we get back. Have fun tonight and thanks for the invite.

  2. I look forward to seeing you next Saturday, upon your return to our county of Sullivan.


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