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Paul Cassone…SC^2’s newest “discovery”, Brewster’s back, Morgan sings, Donnie’s hot low whistle licks and an old friend appears…

Paul Cassone…SC^2’s newest “discovery”, Brewster’s back, Morgan sings, Donnie’s hot low whistle licks and an old friend appears…

So far, every week we discover another crafty songwriter with something important to say.  This Saturday, Feb 23, 2013, songwriter/musician Paul Cassone joined us.  He brought his crew…well, his wife, Gerri, Anne Marie Brooks and companion.  (We also got a featured picture in the Sullivan County Democrat, as you can see.)

“We’ll get you up here in a few minutes,” I said to Paul.  In my homage to the Great American Songbook, I asked Donnie Castellow to join me and together, we played “It Ain’t Necessarily So,” by the Gershwin bros.  Although I have been performing this song for years, Saturday, I added the “Cab Calloway” bridge which contains the lyrics:

Wadoo, Wadoo…Zim Bam Boodle – 0oh, Hoodle ad da wa da…Scatty wah.      Irresistible, right?

Cab Calloway  (Cab Calloway)
Ira Gershwin’s lyrics contain my fav song rhyme of all time.  Speaking of Jonah and the whale he writes:  “That man made his home in…a fish’s abdomen…”  Top that! Make my day!

BTW, Donnie played some fluid, hot licks on his low Irish whistle.  The acoustics in the great room are exquisite.

I launched into my song, “Oil” because I needed something upbeat.  With a brain freeze on the last verse, I asked Paul if he was ready to perform.

He performed three fine tunes, “Lying To Ourselves” (a political tune), “Here’s To Good Friends,”and his “angry” song, “A Walking Contradiction.”  He’s a wonderful writer and terrific musician.paul c

Brewster Smith joined us and together, we performed his beautiful tunes, “I’m Allright,” and “Always.”   eagle

Notice how the eagle flew in and seems to be enjoying the music:)

Then Brewster took out his bass and he and I accompanied Paul on his songs, “Love Is Gonna Come Around Again,” “Get Up and Dance” and “Ode to Credence.”    We rocked it:)  IMG_0522

“I’ve been playing out for years, doing cover songs.  It’s nice to be able to do my own songs,” Paul said.  And that, folks, is the point of SC^2.  Getting your voice heard.

Stacy Cohen, soul singer, songwriter and owner of The Distillery, slipped in and we convinced her to sing one of her originals.  It’s sweet harmonizing and bending notes together on her chorus.

The bar was quiet for a moment so we managed to get Morgan McCarthy, our polymath, back up to sing “Walkin’ After Midnight” and “Crazy.”  She killed ’em.   She’s secretly writing songs.  I can tell.

Paul took over bass duties while I comped away.morgan, paul, er

About that old friend…I used to co-own a recording studio at 1650 Broadway in Times Square.  This was one of the two famous music biz buildings where songwriters’ careers thrived in the 1960’s and beyond.  The other was the Brill Building, several blocks downtown.  Tony Orlando had an office at 1650 but he was gone by the time I was there.  However, Tiny Tim used to visit his manager whose office was next to our studio.  Occasionally, he’d stop by our studio.  He was a very sweet and shy fellow.  Anyway, right on the floor above our, videographer Steve Zahler had a fantastic video editing suite.  He shot many different projects and once in a while, we’d collaborate.  My fav was “Yogi At The Movies,” in which Yogi Berra would do one minute spots reviewing current movies.  Our studio composed the background music for the spot.   I remember Yogi’s review of “Fatal Attraction.”  “Don’t cheat on your wife,” said Yogi.  We closed our studio in the late 80’s, losing touch with our neighbors. However, this Saturday, Steve Z surprised me with a visit to SC^2.  He also left 1650 and Babylon and moved up to this area.  At SC^2, you never know whom you’ll encounter.

We will be back next Saturday from 3-5pm.  Then a few of us are performing as SC^2 at Woodsongs in Hurleyville from 7-8.It’s alot better when you join us.

Gershwin brosGeorge and Ira Gershwin


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  1. We had a great time, Elizabeth. Looking forward to the next trip up to y’all.

    Paul Cassone


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